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How to Save Money By Washing Your Candle Jars

Updated: Apr 2

Before I was making my own candles, I never knew what to do with the leftover jars and containers that my used-up candles came in. They would just accumulate on my shelves and window ledges until I eventually chucked them out. Now that I make my own candles, I re-use my jars over and over - and you can too!

Washing out any of the glass or ceramic containers I sell candles in is actually really easy. As I said, I do it all the time now so I've got the process down pretty well. First step's first - burn that candle down! Make sure you burn as much of the candle as possible. That could mean you've burnt down the wick so that all that's left is the metal tab at the bottom or small remaining wick has sunk below the wax. Either way, you'll probably have a little bit of a layer of wax at the bottom still.

Using a scooping tool that you're not worried about, just scoop that soy wax and metal tab out of there. I used a bamboo spork I had gotten with a takeaway in the above picture, but there's lots of things you could use - popsicle sticks, bamboo BBQ skewers, or even a regular spoon if you don't mind wiping it down and washing it very well. Scoop the wax and the wick tab remains into the rubbish.

Next up, get some water boiling. Pour it into the emptied candle container and wait a few minutes for it to cool down some. This is to loosen up any last residue of soy wax and oil from the inside of the container. While it's still warm (but no longer boiling and therefore safe to handle), pour the water down the drain or into the garden (the soy wax and oils shouldn't affect any of the plants, but the hot water will so be careful!). Now you can just take some regular dishwashing liquid and give the inside of the container a good scrub and it's practically like new!

Now here's the part where you get to save money! For every used candle jar you bring to me, you get $5 off your next candle purchase. Whether it's one of the glass jars or the ceramic tumblers, if you got it from me, you get $5. This is a win-win for everyone. It means I don't have to spend as much time and money getting more jars, it means you save money, and it means the planet wins because fewer resources will be expended to make and ship those shiny new jars around.

And hey, if you want to keep the jars? That's fine too! If washed thoroughly, they can make great drinking cups, pen holders, snack vessels, plant pots, anything you want really! As long as you're not just throwing perfectly good jars away, I'm happy!

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