Locke Jean-Luc Unhold

If you can't find what you want, do it yourself.

Originally from the United States, I studied English Literature, IT, and Anthropology at the University of Minnesota. In 2013 I moved to Gisborne, New Zealand and in 2016 moved to Dunedin, NZ.

While living in the US, one of the small pleasures of life I enjoyed most were scented candles. When I moved to NZ, I had a hard time finding the kind of candle scents I most enjoyed: earthy scents, spices, and warming fragrances. After spending a few years frustrated with the lack of selection, I decided to just learn how to make the kinds of scents I wanted for myself.

As my newly burgeoning candle business ticked on while working as a freelance writer and content manager, I decided I needed a change of pace. It was time to get my hands dirty! I enrolled in the New Zealand Diploma of Art and Design at the Dunedin School of Art. In 2019 I completed the Level 5 qualification and am currently studying Level 6.

The bulk of my ceramic work (hearts and goblins) centers on my trans, queer identity and how others perceive those identities. But of course, I love to make some hearty mugs as well.

In amongst all of that, I started teaching myself to crochet so I could make the bulky kind of cozy scarves and sweaters I love for Dunedin winters. As with ceramics and candles, this has blossomed into another part of my business, in the form of scarves and amigurumi (crocheted plush toys).

I currently work as the technician at the Dunedin Schol of Art's ceramics department. I also am a member of the Stuart Street Potters' Co-op.